by | Nov 11, 2004 | Family, Poetry, Politics, Religion

Many a soldier, many a day,
Wasted in fighting, a price that we must pay.

Many a child, break down and cry,
Over a dear parent, and for this country they did die.

Many a letter, sent to the dark abyss,
Stamped with a hug and sealed with a kiss.

Many a civilian, killed in innocent blood,
Their names forgotten, as footprints in the mud.

Many a flag, waved in pride,
For all those brave people fighting for our side.

Many a gun, fired to kill,
By those great men, their shoes hard to fill.

Many a battle, fought on our ground,
To sustain our freedom, on which our country was found.

Many a hero, many a man,
Regular people, just doing what they can.

By Daniel Christensen

Written 2004 as a Freshman in High School

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