Hi, I’m Daniel Christensen.

I’m no one special, but then again, you’re reading this so…

Anyway, I grew up on a farm in rural Idaho. Now before you start with the Napoleon Dynamite and potato jokes, let me tell you, it’s… pretty much like you’d expect.

My dad owns and still operates a family farm with all sorts of crops and animals. Growing up, we had cows, sheep, chickens, dogs, rabbits, turkeys, geese, and we even had a raccoon as a pet. Things were pretty exciting on the farm, but the manual labor aspect really didn’t suit me. Some people can thrive in the hot sun working hour after hour – not me.

The aspect that really intrigued me about the farm was the business angle. I loved looking at spreadsheets and it led me to run a small business operation called “Corn Topping“, which made the hot days and hard work more bearable. I went to college and got a business management degree, with a marketing emphasis. I got a job doing search engine optimization, and eventually started a company called Morningdove Marketing.

Religion has always been a central theme in my family and in my life in general. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which has led me to become a better husband, father, and person in general.


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