“The Mormon Church is Seriously Antiquated”

Religion - Daniel - October 23, 2017

Critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are always going on about how the church’s  doctrines aren’t current enough,…

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Let’s Stop Pretending Work-Life Balance is a Thing

Business, Family - Daniel - October 22, 2017

The time has come that we put an end to a hilariously overused catch phrase. If you hadn’t read the title already…

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What if the Book of Mormon is True?

Religion - Daniel - October 19, 2017

Those who are hearing about the Book of Mormon for the first time are often confused at its message and its origins.…

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The Purpose of This Blog

Agriculture, Business, Family, Health, Politics, Religion, Self Improvement - Daniel - October 19, 2017

I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for almost 4 years. When I first started, I knew little about what went on…

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Book Review: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

Business, Self Improvement - Daniel - October 18, 2017

Jon Acuff is what I would consider a “new age” author, meaning that he attempts to connect with his audience via humor…

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Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide

Religion - Daniel - October 16, 2017

This is a talk given by Luke Radke to his ward near Calgary, AB Canada [15 October 2017]. He was kind enough…

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What goes on in LDS Temples? Here’s Your Chance to Find Out

Religion - Daniel - October 16, 2017

This is a common question that most members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have been asked. To begin…

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“Up That Mountain”

Business, Health, Poetry, Religion, Self Improvement - Daniel - July 17, 2017

I chose to go up the mountain, I could have chosen no. I was safe down below where the pines and aspens…

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Recognizing the Adversary

Poetry, Religion - Daniel - July 9, 2017

This was a talk I gave at the Idaho State Prison in July, 2017. Good morning, it’s great to be with you…

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The Birth of Morningdove

Business, Self Improvement - Daniel - March 22, 2017

I couldn’t sleep. No matter what I tried, the excitement, nervousness, and and jitters wouldn’t wear off. I knew that this was…

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