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Consistency is a litany of miniscule duels in the mind,

Determining the direction as a contract signed

Daily a fight like night fights the dawn

Overpowering it til it’s all but gone

The goal is auto-pilot, the response automatic

When a hard choice comes it’s not dramatic

Because we were constant in our acts

Our mind decides and our body reacts

To the action of action or inaction

Whether we slip or gain traction

The vehicle of our lives can take us great places

Four wheel drive is needed in some spaces

Wide open is the potential from the divine

Precept on precept and line upon line

When we see what awaits, we shudder with wonder

Remembering instantly every foible and blunder

We yearn for a better world in all its glory

The perfect end to our imperfect story

You can see paradise, and can almost reach out and grab it

But as you already know, you chose it each day with your habits.

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