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Stop Brainwashing Your Kids

Family - Daniel - March 1, 2019

I recently saw a conversation online where someone disagreed with a certain parenting style. They ultimately lashed out in frustration, saying “stop brainwashing…

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My Thoughts on Separating Children From Parents

Family, Politics - Daniel - June 21, 2018

If you’ve turned on the television or gotten on social media in the past week, you’ve obviously been beaten over the head…

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Let’s Stop Pretending Work-Life Balance is a Thing

Business, Family - Daniel - October 22, 2017

The time has come that we put an end to a hilariously overused catch phrase. If you hadn’t read the title already…

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The Purpose of This Blog

Agriculture, Business, Family, Health, Politics, Religion, Self Improvement - Daniel - October 19, 2017

I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for almost 4 years. When I first started, I knew little about what went on…

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Corn Sharks

Agriculture, Family, Religion - Daniel - June 21, 2015

This was a talk I gave around Father’s Day near San Jose, CA when we lived there for a short time. Hopefully…

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Raw Potatoes and Marriage

Agriculture, Family, Self Improvement - Daniel - March 5, 2014

Growing up on a farm, I was able to see the planting, growing, and harvesting of a variety of different crops. Wheat,…

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My Life as a Chicken-Fibber

Agriculture, Family, Self Improvement - Daniel - October 27, 2008

The 9 year-old me walked through the front door on a sunny May afternoon, tired from a long day at school. Dad…

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Family, Poetry, Politics, Religion - Daniel - November 11, 2004

Many a soldier, many a day, Wasted in fighting, a price that we must pay. Many a child, break down and cry,…

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